Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kickin' the Yogi

the punk fixed up
an appointment with
the good ol' yogi from Nazareth.

'redeem me you scum, you fukin delivery boy', punk boy said
The Nazarene smiled and said,
'From where?
To where?'.

punkster got angry and said
'you fukin boorshua..
ur making spineless slaves outta ordinary men..
you and your phoney preachings..
.you are the fukin biggest economic hitman...
glorifyin misery and hunger and starvation.
and givin false beliefs to people
that suffering is the path to salvation..
there is no redemptionther eis no salvationthere is no soulthere is no nothing..
you are a fukin CIA agent' .

Punkster got up
and kicked the yogi.
And then went on to write a book
which became a bestseller.
"If you meet Nazarene on the road, Kick him!"

Nazarene smiled.
and said
'ji is us'

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