Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On How to Run Over a Calf and give an Elevator pitch in 30 seconds

the recluse became a champion in givin Elevator pitch,
and thereby
became a superstar Salesman.

he was riding his bike
thinking about writing his
next bestseller
'How to give a stellar elevator pitch in 30 seconds'.

while he was deeply thinking
and thinking deeply about this impending bestseller,
a Calf strolled across the road.
the recluse ran over it
and its hind leg got caught in the wheel.
it dragged itself along with the bike
for a full 30 seconds
until the recluse pressed the brake hard.

and then,
the Calf released itself from the wheel
and walked across,
as if nothing happenned.

The onlookers were puzzled.

the recluse,
got Enlightened.

The End.

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