Friday, November 14, 2008



days move by with increasing intensity.
intensity, not out of 'action',
but un-action. or non-action.

alone in the Alone.
but no boredom. and no despair.

and then, an unexplainable mercy fills the heart.
no,not plain ol' vanity.
but omniscient Suchness,


there is no dukka.
all there is,
is Karuna.
unquenchable wetness.
and love.


the bong girl from manipal
who is trying hard to be that hippie-in-her-mind.
the sad, sad little girl trying to move beyond the burdens of her little self,
and let her hair loose.
the drunken philosophers,
who crack foucault jokes all the time.
and wondering within themselves,
why don't they ever get high!
the introspective Luddite from Germany,
tingling the beer glass and lost in deep thought,
worrying about the performance for the night,
of the shame & void that the premature creates.

all the superfluousness, the shallowness, the self-pity,
of which i would be shrewdly judgmental about,
there is none of that now.
the random chatter inside is, somehow, off.

all there is,
is pure Suchness.

the gigantic play of identities.
and their constant orchestrated negotiation,
to be the Self that they truly are.
the unconscious, ever-present
search for the unifying, coherent whole
from the fragments.

is there such a thing called a 'coherent, unifying identity'?

i dunno,

but every time,
become wet.

zillion life histories dawn in front of me.

Sunrise at Hampi.
Sunset at Varkala.
NYC from the top of Empire state.
Snowflakes. And crushed Coke tins.

the mountaineer whom i met at kannur.
and Appa's asthma.
the Spaniard traveling all around the world for 16 years.
and Amma's everyday crushed bus rides.
Paul Gaugin.
and Paati carrying her tamarind bag on head.

where the world
and the-other-world
there is no space, non-space and negative space,
no culture, counter-culture and a-culture,
and there is no being, non-being and un-being.

All there is,
is just,
the alone
in the Alone.


suresh said...

Amen..and the dude abides !!

aandthirtyeights said...

Do we both know the same Bong girl from Manipal?

Unknown said...

eeks. i guess so. don't tell her abt this blog :)

she is a good friend and in the same dept.