Saturday, July 29, 2006


Dawn.half opened eyes refusing to open up further. why should i trouble them when i could see. yes.i could see. seee.eeeeeeeeeee.

inhale.i inhale as much as i can. never knew the whole world could go in. In,into the nostrils,first. Then, into the crinion. into the forehead.and then,into every where. into every single hair and whisker and tissue.

half-floating half-flying like a soap bubble.

fragrances which images can evoke.images which fragrance can evoke.

the color of smell.

surf bar.petrol.Tangri Kebab. Reshmi Kebab.Eau de cologne.bus stand Rest rooms.Disposed syringe.Blood soaked cotton.LPG gas.Solder.Kerosene. Paneer Butter masala.Mysore Sandal Soap.Holy Ash.Shit.Cow shit.Bull shit.Elephant neighbor's dog shit.unwashed underwears.Barbie dolls.Teddy bears.GI Joe.Zafrani tikka.Chill breeze.Fur.Cricket balls.Wooden Racks in University Libraries. Neem oil.paperwallah's sweat fused with the newspaper's ink. Lentils.Cardamom. Cinnamon. Jasmine. Wax.Government office cupboards. Armpits.Lead. Soil.Soil before rain.Soil stenched with Urine. tissues soaked in semen.Sea breeze with Pattani Sundal. Cubicles.Fart.Kappa meen curry. Satin.Vodka.Nailpolish.Drainage coalesced with Sunsilk shampoo.Chai.Neck.Women.Liquidators. Cardboards. Varnish. Saw dust.

I could see. Strokes of umixed colors. Like pangs of subdued pain.Like bursts of unforeseen joy. Like music.Like love.

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