Sunday, July 16, 2006

Waiting for the messiah

I am standing at the bus stop, waiting for my everyday bus to arrive. Neck twisted slightly to the right,eyes staring at the direction from where my bus arrives.I turn left and see my colleagues, five of them, doing the same.The bus might arrive anytime. I have been boarding at this bus stop for the past 6 months and still i don't know any of their names. I got to ask them.Maybe,tommorrow.

I turn back again and keep staring in that direction. The bus might arrive anytime. My neck pains a little and so I look straight at the other corner of the road. I see sunlight dispersing under the clouds and the beams passing through the branches of a tree, dissecting like an arrow, coating the leaves with Gold.

The bus might arrive anytime and I might miss it, if I let my mind wander like this. Standing on my toes, I stretch out my neck, this time a bit longer, and stare again in that direction of the bus.

The light has gone. And I keep staring. Into eternity.Into nothingness.I wait and wait for that bus to arrive.

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