Saturday, November 18, 2006

is death a choice? but pretending to be dead definitely is. its kinda kool.
so, i hearby declare tht i am dead or rather, hereby i declare am Dead already and so this dead man's declaration is therefore invalid.. but your highness, i plea to reconsider your decision and accept this declaration as either legal or valid or both.

so i can write filthy stuff abt some b-skool and no one can sue me.. can quit givin a notice period of 12 minutes and 32 seconds.. need not repay my mortgage.. could escape frm all the reductionists who tag me with freudian symbols.. need not hcnge my orkut profile or foto evry 3 days.. need not upate the currently readin booklist..and me not scrappin back might not be considered as an act of chutzpah or disrespect to err frenship.. it would be far far simpler.. if each one pretends to be dead already.

chutia.. am drudging into pointless posts for the past few days..

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