Saturday, November 18, 2006

no choice

am tired and i want to sleep.. sleep a sleep with such overfilling fullness..

why does the mind keep talkin? why can't it shut itself?yea, shuttin down happens in blotches..for a few hours or days.. but i tread back to old ways..and once into it, how badly i want to move outta it? how badly i want to move out of a conversation.. but why initiate it in the first place.. why? why this dichotomy? whn i keep quiet for sometime, i dunno wht to do with all the overflowin, screamin i initiate a talk.. a frivulous one, that. and whn i do, it keeps tellin me to shut the fuk up and go back.. but once into it, it takes time to go back...why shld i keep reminding me of myself? why cant't tht i stretch across into the zonals of awareness without the need for constant tickling..wht shld i do? wht the hell shld i do?

no choice.. till the fruit is ripe enough.. no choice.

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